TalkingSense Episode 1 – Craig Rosenberg, TOPO

In this episode of TalkingSense we’re talking some sense with Craig Rosenberg, Chief Analyst and Co-founder of TOPO. We’ll go behind the scenes of the building of TOPO as well as get the CliffsNotes version of their recent ABM study.


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Great discussion – always love hearing about the ever complex relationship between marketing and sales 🙂 It’s exciting to think about how far we’ve come with ABM – but with AI and all of the data that’s now available, we’ve only scratched the surface!

Thanks Katie. It was a fun conversation.

this is a fantastic easy to watch and learn discussion, hosted by two veterans who help to share insightful perspective in how the buying journey has changed… and how we need to change strategies + tactics. Well done Latane + Craig. take it for a spin!


Thanks Thad! Craig was right off a red eye and he still nailed it! Total pro.